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Register Now for Fall Programs!

Registration is now open for our Fall Make and Take Programs. Space is limited for each program and they do fill up!  Click Here for Registration Forms.

September 14, Carol Harris will show you how to create Rustic Hypertufa pots for your garden.  October 12, Back by popular demand, Pumpkin Decorating.  November 9, New this year, Tray Gardening.







GMGA Grant for the D.I.G.

Brooke Nations, District NE1 Director for the Georgia Master Gardener Association, presented Gilmer County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers with a Grant of $150 to add Signage at our demonstration garden, the D.I.G. (Discover, Inspire & Grow).DIG Grant.jpeg

From left to right: Patty Stanfield, Wendy Widmann, Brooke Nations, Julie Keller, Karen Hyde, Deborah Ashley and Barbara Gelman (front).

Veteran’s Bridge

Another Gilmer County Master Gardener Project: Veteran’s Bridge.  Beds cleaned up and a new plant added, Hosta ‘patriot’.

Memorial Day Ceremony at Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and Gardens from              10:00AM – 12:00PM   Gilmer Chamber Events

Flower Arrangements; Boys and Girls Garden Club

Master Gardener Volunteer, June Harrison, taught the Garden Club how to make floral arrangements.  These children did an outstanding job!

What’s blooming in Gilmer?

Some of the flowers on these are hidden. You must look for the flower under the leaves on the May Apple, Solomon’s Seal and Jack in the Pulpit (pitcher plant).  Enjoy!

What’s Blooming in Gilmer?

More Natives Blooming!

Even the trees are blooming now.  This is the Pawpaw

(Asimina trilobites)

What’s Blooming in Gilmer?


Below you will see Grandiflora, Luteum, Decumbens, and Erectum.  Most of these flowers are from our gardens, but they can be found easily on nature hikes in the area.

Wild Flowers

What wildflowers are blooming in Gilmer?

Our two native yellow violets:

The silver or halberd-leafed, viola hastata, prefers rich, drier soil of open woods and ravines.


The round leaf, viola rotundifolia, enjoys damp humusy soil and shady places.

Contributed by Karen Hyde.

Seed Starting?

Now is the perfect time to start seeds indoors.

Many plants can be grown from seeds and there are many advantages to propagating plants.  Seeds can be found at the Gilmer County Library Seed Exchange or you can purchase and share with a friend. The low cost of seeds allows you to get many plants for the cost of a few store transplants. In addition, you are able to grow plants that may not be available at your local shops.


Master Gardener Julie Keller put together a quick list to get you started: SEED STARTING

The UGA Department of Horticulture has a much more detailed document. This document contains: Seed Selection, Reading a Seed Package, Germination process, Materials, Seeding Techniques, Transplanting, Hardening off and Seed Saving.  UGA EXT Seed Starting

What wildflower is blooming now in Gilmer County?

Bloodroot: sanguinaria canadensis.

In damp, rich soil under deciduous trees. Look quickly, the flowers only last a few days!

*Content provided by Karen Hyde.