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Seed Starting?

Now is the perfect time to start seeds indoors.

Many plants can be grown from seeds and there are many advantages to propagating plants.  Seeds can be found at the Gilmer County Library Seed Exchange or you can purchase and share with a friend. The low cost of seeds allows you to get many plants for the cost of a few store transplants. In addition, you are able to grow plants that may not be available at your local shops.


Master Gardener Julie Keller put together a quick list to get you started: SEED STARTING

The UGA Department of Horticulture has a much more detailed document. This document contains: Seed Selection, Reading a Seed Package, Germination process, Materials, Seeding Techniques, Transplanting, Hardening off and Seed Saving.  UGA EXT Seed Starting


What wildflower is blooming now in Gilmer County?

Bloodroot: sanguinaria canadensis.

In damp, rich soil under deciduous trees. Look quickly, the flowers only last a few days!

*Content provided by Karen Hyde.

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2019 Spring Symposium

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